The Fruits of My Labor

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The spring/summer rain in Michigan has done wonders for my little garden. One of my beds is already starting to overflow in all the wonderful vegetables and herbs I planted a few weeks ago. This morning during a break in the rain, I went out and harvested some of my lettuce. It was starting to overgrow, so I grabbed what I could and mixed it in with my usual spinach salad. Since my leaves were so big, it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between my garden greens and the store bought ones when looking at it, but when I bit in…oh, that was definitely where I noticed. I couldn’t help but think that it must be  like this to live in California! No wonder there are so many people eating healthy! It tastes to delicious and fresh….summer is the only time we get to have that in Michigan, but I am thankful for what we get. I promised pics before, but it is too dark outside (and I’m already in my pjs as it is laundry night). One day when I remember and have my smart device handy, I’ll get one up!


Everything I know I learned from TV

•August 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

On Sunday, I was at a barbecue and we started talking about whether TV and movies inform us about how we are supposed to be and how much it does.  I thought about what I would think if I only had TV or movies to understand the values of our society.   Here is my list thus far:

1. Only skinny people deserve love/sex.
2. Career women have no lives and need a man to teach them how to have one (usually meaning that they really want to get married and have children…now).
3. If you take the glasses (and if female, the ponytail) off a nerd, he/she will transform into a beautiful person suddenly worthy of attention. [Nerds are starting to be cool, but I’m going off what shaped my teenage years like She’s All That.]

If anyone actually reads this and has more, please post.

Newest Low

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Everytime I think I’ve hit bottom in my unemployment journey, there is something new lurking around the corner to prove me wrong and bring me down just another notch.  Today it was DTE’s refusal to take my Michigan Energy Draft Tax credit as payment.  The energy bill for the house I currently live in is in the name of the LLC that owns it.  Thus, my name is not on the actual bill, although the checks come from me.  While they have had no problem cashing my checks for almost a year now, apparently they “…could not match my name with a residential account.”  I put the account number on the energy draft and then did not notify me that the payment was not sufficient.  Instead, there was no payment recorded and I was slammed with a late payment and two months later received a letter with the returned check explaining that they couldn’t cash the check.  In the meantime, I contacted the Michigan Department of Treasury asking if the check had been cashed and to issue a new one because I assumed that it had become lost in the mail.  They cancelled the original check, sent me an affidavit to sign requesting a new check, and I have not heard back from the department.  This was two weeks ago.  Will I seriously lose out on $176 that would have really helped when I had $300 energy bills back in February and March?  Even when government attempts to help, it doesn’t.  I carefully looked over the check before I forwarded it on to DTE and it didn’t say that the account had to be in your name.  DTE apparently thinks it does.  Argh.  When will this unemployment nightmare end?  Oh yeah, when I finally get heck out of Michigan.

Productivity Day

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About once a week I am very productive.  There will be one day where I feel good about the world and think, “I can do it.  I can get a job!”  Today is that day.  I have been at the coffee shop for a good hour and a half and applied for 3 jobs!  Now to me, that seems like a lot in that short span of time.  I am tired of having nowhere to go and having to put forth so much effort to see people (just anyone in general).  I feel like I have a lot to do this week, which I do, but its all spread out creating stress.  I tend to like to do a lot at once and get it out of the way so that I can then relax and just have fun.  However, when most of your week is out of your control, such things cannot happen.  Sigh….I must try to be patient and browse and look at all the jobs I would like to do but the government has predetermined I am not qualified for because I do not have 80+ years of experience.  Such is life.

Funniest moment of the day:  While sitting in coffee shop, Don’t Stop Believin’ Comes on and in mid-reach of my phone realize that no one is calling me and that everytime I hear the song it is not someone trying to connect with me.  Of course, the kid sitting behind me had no idea why I was laughing so hard and promptly packed up and left.  Better safe than sorry.

Pen in my Bed

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I wrote this a long time ago when I realized I was sleeping on a pen.

I woke up with a pen in my bed, do you think its a sign?
I woke up with a pen in my bed, to whom does it belong?  Is it yours? Is it mine?
To wake up with a pen in one’s bed, such an odd thing!
But no stranger than war, floods or disease.
They say the pen is mightier than the sword,
and he who lives by the sword dies by the sword…
To one who wakes up with a pen in her bed,
how does that bode?


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Go!  now that I’ve said it it’s no longer mine
I can’t possess it and mold it to mean what I say
and now the I’ve left it to your interpretation
Go! Will you bow down and let me through?
Go! will you walk out my door?
Go!  Will you say “con Dios” to make some joke to diffuse and deny the unexplored tension?
because we think the same thoughts? and have the same humor?
Go!  now that I’ve said it it’s no longer mine Go!

*Note: grammar, punctuation and capitalization don’t matter when you are running on 2 hours sleep.

The Journey of Unemployment

•May 18, 2009 • 1 Comment

Now that I am on month 2, I’ve finally decided to go through with trying to document my slow descent into insanity.

Week one of unemployment was angry.  I had been working as a temp and understand fully that I could be laid off at anytime.  I was caught off guard by the news for two big reasons.  1) Earlier that week I had received an email telling me that I would be trained on something new.  This shockingly gave me the idea that I would continue to be employed for at least another week.  2) My supervisor dropped the bomb through an email.  I returned to my desk after an arduous morning of moving files around to see an  email titled “Thank you.”  At first I thought it was about informing my supervisor about some broken file cabinets, but I soon found the words regretting to inform me that the next day would be my final day.  From that moment what little respect I had for my supervisor as a person washed away with a wave of fury and fear.  An email?  Really?  Despite the advancements of technology, doesn’t informing a person that they will now be facing the task of finding gainful employment in the worst job market in 25 years in less than 24 hours warrant at least an in person explanation?

After the anger subsided, I felt a new excitement.  Here was a time for me to figure out how to get a job better suited to me.  I had all the confidence in the world that it would work out and in a month or two I would be back in the working world and be a productive member of society.  Two months, two interviews and countless resumes and cover letters later, I am no closer to a job than I was on March 20th, when I was laid off.  Frustration and depression have set in and I am now confused about where to take my life.  I don’t know much, but stay tuned as I try to wiggle my way through the algae infested waters of my life.